Hip & knee arthritis patient often feel lonely & helpless when they are unable to do activities they adore most.

Painkillers, injections, physiotherapy, etc., does not help beyond a certain stage and then only joint replacement surgery remains the answer.

I endeavor to make you pain free so that you can enjoy the freedom which life has to offer through excellent care & cost effective high quality joint replacement surgeries. I also strive to minimize your apprehension regarding your knee and hip replacement surgery.
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Orthopedic Surgery for the International Patients

Orthopedic Surgery has often been considered a largely inpatient specialty due to the common association of this field with major reconstructions, such as hip and knee replacement. Since this process can require several days of hospitalization, patients seeking major joint replacement surgery or spinal surgery in India often travel to India from

Our International Patient Consulting (IPC) has been advising on many orthopedic treatments and surgeries on inbound medical tourist patients for several years with great success.

The international patient coordinator directly addresses any questions, or concerns, before and after treatment, including travel logistics and arrangements.

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Kalindi Gupta …5th day postop
Dr Vivek Mittal replaced both my knees in October 2009. I was in great pain and could hardly walk or get up from the chair before surgery. I stayed in hospital for 6 days. I was able to walk with a stick and sit cross-legged in bed before I went home, which was just 5 days after the surgery. Me and my family greatly appreciate the care Dr Mittal and his team has taken during our stay. He is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful human being. It was worth travelling 450 km to have my surgery done by him.

I B Singh
I had my both knees replaced by Dr Vivek Mittal. I was quite worried before my surgery but Dr Mittal’s compassion and sincerity allayed all my fears. Within 2 weeks of returning home, I had already resumed most of my activities like walking without the stick, driving short distances and getting up from the chair. I shall always be grateful to him for changing my life.

Sarita Jain
Dr Vivek Mittal had replaced my both knees 4 years ago. I was suffering from knee pain for almost 10 years, and was almost bedridden. But after my surgery I am now completely pain free and am doing my entire household and other activities. My memories of constant pain are long forgotten. I thank Dr Mittal for being gentle and compassionate during and after my surgery. I shall always be thankful to him.

Ram Saran Das .. you tube severe deformity
Dear Dr Vivek Mittal
I am back on my feet again, for which I am so grateful to you. Less than 3 months ago I was miserable and could not even walk a few steps. I never dreamt that I could ever walk so upright and be completely pain free in my life again. Thanks to you I am able to go for my morning walks, climb stairs to my 2nd floor house and visit my friends and relatives. My family and me shall always be grateful to you for giving me a new phase of life.

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