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Shoulder And Elbow Replacement Surgery: Need, Procedure And Precautions

Shoulder And Elbow Replacement Surgery: Need, Procedure And Precautions

Published on October 14, 2019 By admin

Although total shoulder and elbow are less common than knee or hip replacement. The shoulder when defined is a ball-and-socket joint made up of the round end of the arm bone, a curved bowl-like surface (), cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. It allows the arm to lift, twist, and bend both forward and backward and gives it the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. As the cartilage erodes and wears down over time, the bones can come into contact with each other, causing pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

On the other hand, the elbow is a hinge joint consisting of the humerus (upper arm bone), the ulna (the outer forearm bone), and the radius (inner forearm bone). So, the extensive damage or deterioration of the surfaces of the bones and cartilage of the elbow due to rheumatoid arthritis or trauma can cause severe pain and discomfort. In these cases of extreme pain and joint degeneration, one’s doctor may recommend total elbow replacement surgery.

However, the surgery is usually considered as the last option and only adopted when more conservative treatments such as medication, injections, and physical therapy thwart to resolve pain and restore normal function. It is always imperative for the patient to consult closely with their physician and healthcare support team when considering to undergo shoulder elbow replacement surgery in Delhi as this can prove to be a life-changing decision as will involves life-long medication or long term precautions. At the same time, it is imperative to get treated from the top specialists of the field like Dr Vivek Mittal.

Why opt for shoulder elbow replacement surgery?

There are several arthritic and degenerative conditions that can damage the cartilage which actually supports and stabilizes the elbow and shoulder joints.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Post-traumatic arthritis
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Severe fractures
  5. Rotator cuff tear arthropathy

What happens during shoulder elbow replacement surgery?

The shoulder replacement procedure involves the removal of the injured arthritic ball and replaces it with a metal rod placed inside the upper arm bone with a smooth metal ball at the end. The corroded socket (glenoid) is then repolished and capped with a plastic or metal component. After the surgery rehabilitation and physical therapy begin the day after surgery as the first few weeks following the procedure is crucial for restoring the mobility, strength, and normal functioning of the shoulder.

On the other hand, in the elbow replacement procedure, your doctor opens a small incision at the back of the elbow to access the injured areas of the upper arm and forearm bones. Once scar tissue and spurs have been removed, artificial components consisting of a metallic plastic hinge and two metal stems will be placed inside the humerus and ulna bone cavities. A padded dressing will be used to protect the incision and close the wound as it heals.

What after shoulder elbow replacement surgery?

The operations hardly take around an hour and a half and are usually successful among patients in terms of relieving pain, enhancing mobility and function, and improving quality of life. At the same time, it is always imperative to take precautionary measures and physical therapy is of utmost help. The therapy involves slow movements of the operated joints which encourages mobility. Also, physical exercise is of great help post-surgery. At the initial stage, it can light exercises are often advised by the doctor which then increases with the ongoing time. This is how patients come back to his/her normal life and here self-management is what which works best.

It is very important to get specialised treatment in the super speciality hospitals in the guidance of medically trained specialists like shoulder elbow replacement doctor. At the same time, the top-notch hospitals have a specialized center for treatment and facilities orthopedics and joint surgery in Delhi.

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