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Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery – One of the Best Treatments for Your Entire Joint Problems

The joint is one of the most important parts of our body that helps to make our move and perform our daily activities. A person who is facing advanced arthritis problems generally feels restriction in their movement and difficulties in performing daily activities. Robotic joint replacement surgery is one of the most effective solutions for them it helps to treat their problem without causing any additional problems.

Dr. Vivek Mittal is one of the best robotic joint replacement surgeons in Delhi that has treated thousands of people by performing successful joint replacement surgery. He has a lot of experience in his medical career and has performed over 12000 surgeries.

Robotic surgery, particularly joint replacement surgery has accompanied orthopaedic surgery treatment into a new era. One of the most common joint replacement procedures is partial knee resurfacing and full hip replacement. As a minimally invasive surgical process, It can either be performed solely or also with a traditional surgical process based on the situation. But why do you need joint replacements?

Joint replacement is an effective surgical process that helps to remove or replace damaged or injured joints with artificial ones. After the process, you will have a pain-free joint, and make you able to enjoy your normal life. You can get a lot of benefits from robotic joint replacement surgery, including:

  • Real-Time Imaging: Robotic joint replacement surgery provides a real-time image of your joint and also eradicates the requirement for pre-operation diagnosis. Later, these things help in reducing costs as well as time related to CT scan imaging.
  • Customised for Exclusive Anatomy: This surgical process also provides accurate data on your case. It helps in proper treatment and making the exact solution for each patient.
  • Normal Feeling Results: While robotic-assisted surgery provides exact and more precise results, you will get a natural feel and function after a knee replacement surgery.
  • Quality Transplant Selection: As one of the most effective treatments, it gives your orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi the capability for choosing the right implant for their patient’s anatomy.

An individual can get all these benefits after joint replacement therapy. You can also make a fast comeback to your normal life with this treatment. You can enjoy your favorite game, activity, and many other things.

Worried About Your Joint Problem? Contact Dr. Vivek Mittal!

The joint problem has become one of the common health problems in the people of all ages and you will be not aside from this. If you or your loved ones are facing serious joint problems, take the help of the most experienced robotic joint replacement surgeon in India. Dr. Vivek Mittal is one of the most experienced orhtpaedic surgeons that have more than 25 years of experience in joint replacement treatment.

He has performed a large number of joint replacement operations and his areas of excellence are in total knee replacement, total hip replacement, and shoulder replacement. The specialist performs both primary and revision joint replacement surgery for the hip and joint. He also strives to provide the maximum safety to each patient and ensure to provide the best treatment.

So, why are you visiting one another professional when you have a skilled and qualified doctor? Take your phone and contact us and book an appointment immediately. We are always available to help our patients and provide them with the best treatment for their joint problems.



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