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Total knee replacement is a highly successful operation. It corrects the deformity, allows painless mobility, gives you independence and improves quality of life. Conventional Total Knee Implants, however, allows knee flexion up-to 1200 to 1250

How much flexion does one need?

Many daily activities require the ability to bend the knee beyond 125 degrees. Climbing stairs, for example, requires a range of motion from 75–140 degrees while sitting in a chair and standing up again requires a 90–130 degrees range of motion. Other activities, like gardening, playing golf or kneeling for prayer involve motions that require up to 130–150 degrees of flexion to perform. Many societies or culture demand certain activities requiring high flexion. Certain favorite activities of yours may also require higher flexion as well like gardening etc.

What are the benefits of High Flexion Implant and can I now sit cross-leg after knee replacement surgery?

So far sitting cross-legged on the floor was not advisable after conventional Total Knee Replacement. The various High Flexion Implants are specifically designed to safely accommodate deep flexion upto 1500 – 1550. Therefore, it is now possible to sit cross-leg or squat after High Flexion Total Knee Surgery. However, it is important to realize that the ability to sit cross-leg and squat does not only depend on the implant or the surgeon, but to an extent on patients as well, whether they had similar ability before surgery. Patients with pre-operative good range of motions and muscle strength after appropriate physiotherapy can post operatively resume an active life style including deep flexion for religious, cultural, recreational activities.

Am I a candidate for High Flexion Total Knee Replacement?

Most important factor for choosing High Flexion Total Knee Replacement is pre-operative good range of motions including capability of high flexion before the surgery. Other factors include early and intensive physiotherapy after surgery necessary to regain deep flexion, besides weight and activity level of the patient. The principles of high flexion knee replacement are quite similar to conventional knee replacement. You should discuss with your Orthopaedic surgeon whether the High Flexion Fixed Knee Replacement is the appropriate option for you.

Few examples of patient after Various High Flexion Knee Replacement implants!

After Journey BCS Knee Replacement



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