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Early Postoperative Exercises: First Step Towards Rehabilitation

Early Postoperative Exercises: First Step Towards Rehabilitation

Published on March 2, 2020 By admin

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopedic procedures offered at all the leading orthopaedic clinics and hospitals in India including Dr. Vivek Mittal’s Arthritis and Joint Replacement Clinic. Usually considered to be the last resort of treatment when therapies and medicines fail to work, joint replacement surgery has gained tremendous popularity with over 1.2 lakh knee replacement and 70,000 hip replacement procedures performed annually.

Joint replacement is a ray of hope for all those people who have been suffering due to joint pain and discomfort for years but to say that the procedure alone can put an end to all your joint problems wouldn’t be true. No doubt joint replacement is a highly effective procedure and one of the best ways to get rid of that debilitating pain, but it is not only the surgery that matters but also what follows. In fact, the real journey starts with the recovery period post-surgery. Undergoing the surgery does not mean that the problem cannot reoccur and this greatly depends upon how well you cope up with the surgery.

The rehabilitation period plays a vital role in determining the success rate of any surgery and the same holds true for joint replacement. Rehabilitation refers to the post-surgical program of enhancing joint motion, muscle strength and functionality using simple therapies and exercises. What happens during this period greatly determines the lifespan of the prosthetic joint, i.e. how long it is going to last. Exercises play a crucial role in this. A lot of people undergoing Orthopedic and Joint Surgery in Delhi think that joint replacement surgery is followed by months of bed rest and refrainment from indulging in activities. Well, this is completely wrong. Experts like Dr. Vivek Mittaladvise their patients to start physiotherapies and exercises as soon as possible so as to resume their daily movement. This, however, does not mean that you have to take part in rigorous sports and activities, a little warmup, stretching and walking would suffice.

Here are a few benefits of postoperative exercises that you simply cannot overlook:

  • It helps to restore the normal movement of the joint that had been earlier curtailed.
  • It helps to rebuild the lost strength in the joints and the surrounding muscles.
  • It helps relieve post-surgical pain and swelling.
  • It helps you to get back to your normal day to day life with much ease.
  • It helps to improve circulation in the affected area thereby facilitating prompt healing and decreasing the convalescence period.
  • It not only strengthens your joints but is also beneficial for your holistic well-being

Now, it is also important to note that the type of post-operative exercise greatly depends upon the joint that has been operated. The exercises may also vary from one patient to another depending upon their age and adversity of the condition for which they were treated.

One of the best things about these exercises is that they are very simple and can be easily performed at home, once you know the right technique. You can ask someone to assist you with the same.

You can find some of the best rehabilitation centers in Delhi where an expert team of doctors and physiotherapists are available to help and guide you on your journey to recovery. The rehabilitation team works in coordination with your surgeon to curate a personalized exercise plan that will help to yield the finest results and allow you to resume your normal day to day activities at the earliest. If you are planning to undergo partial or Total Knee Replacement in Delhi, make sure you also opt for the post-operative rehabilitation program for the best results.

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