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Hip Replacement: Don’t Let The Myths Deviate You

Hip Replacement: Don’t Let The Myths Deviate You

Published on January 2, 2020 By admin

Myths and stereotypes are as much a part of society as the truth. These myths prevailing in the society built a negative perception among people about various life-saving treatments. The right information and proper guidance can help to combat serious diseases. The best surgeons should run an awareness campaign telling people the truth substantiated with logic and facts.

In this article, I will be discussing hip replacement and its various myths prevailing in society. Owing to the importance of this topic, I consider necessary to provide information about the same so that people who require the treatment are not hesitant to opt for it.  Well defining hip replacement, it is a surgical procedure that replaces the painful hip joint with a prosthetic or artificial joint made of plastic, metal, ceramic or oxinium components.

4 common myths of hip replacement that you should be aware of:

Myth 1: You should avoid hip replacement surgery as long as possible 

Fact: Unnecessary delay often make the situation worse. So, if you are suffering from severe pain even after medication and various therapies than opting for a hip replacement surgery is a wise option.  Many people tend to delay their hip replacement surgery as they believe that the procedure might make difficult for them to resume their daily activities. It is important to understand that this delay ultimately leads to shortening & cotractures of certain  group of muscles (namely hip flexors, short external rotators, adductors etc) leading to permanent hip deformity and pelvic tilt. Not only the damaged joint place stress on the remainder of the body, but contarcted & shortened muscles and soft tissues takes considerable longer time to recover.This adversely affects the quality of life.

Myth 2: Walking is prohibited for a couple of weeks, post-hip replacement surgery

Fact: This may have been true years ago, but due to the use of advanced technology and the latest approaches, hip replacement in Delhi has become much more convenient both for the doctors and the patients, thus facilitating minimal invasion, increased precision and faster recovery. Also, physiotherapy plays an important in resuming your daily- routine activities like walking, bending etc. You will walk with the help of a walker or crutches post 1-2 days after hip replacement surgery. However, you will not able to perform certain movements but this is for a stipulated time. Often full recovery and physical therapy typically take between three and six months.

Myth 3: People suffering from severe hip arthritis cannot undergo hip replacement surgery

Fact: One of the primary causes of hip pain is arthritis but there are several other causes as well like broken bones or injury which calls for hip replacement surgery. There are various factors on which the doctors may decide whether opting hip replacement is good for you or not. This includes the overall health of the patient, skin allergies if any, medical history etc. Best Doctors like Dr. Vivek Mittal often advise getting critically examined by your doctor before you undergo replacement surgery.

Myth 4Some types of surgery are better than others, and you should have them no matter your situation.

Fact: Hip replacement surgery is performed with different approaches like the direct anterior approach, antero lateral approach, direct lateral approach and posterior approach. Which technique works best depend on person to person. Doctors after analysing several medical conditions of the patient and damage on the xray, decide which approach is best for you in order to get the desired result.

The above-mentioned myths are making people hesitant to opt for the treatments that can make their life easy and pain-free. There is a need to spread awareness among people and we consider this article will be a great help to them.

Author Bio: According to experts like Dr Vivek Mittal, unnecessary delay in undergoing orthopaedics and joint surgery will only make the situation worse. If recommended by the doctor after a critical examination then you should not give a second thought to it

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