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Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Early Postoperative Exercise To Recovering

Total Hip Replacement Surgery – Early Postoperative Exercise To Recovering

Published on April 1, 2020 By admin

Total Hip Replacement is an orthopaedic procedure in which all the components of the hip joint are replaced with prosthetic components made of ceramic, metal or plastic in patients whose hip joint has been damaged beyond repair. Total hip replacement is an alternative for patients suffering from persistent hip pain, swelling and discomfort due to arthritis. Hip replacement surgery in Delhi is offered at all the leading hospitals and clinics including Dr. Vivek Mittal’sArthritis and joint replacement clinic. Hip replacement surgery is usually the last resort of treatment when other treatment options like medication and therapies are not able to give the desired results.

It is pertinent to note that although the surgery helps to alleviate the symptoms, it alone cannot help you. What follows after the surgery is as important as the surgical procedure itself. Once the surgery is over the next major step is rehabilitation and getting back to a normal routine. Doctors specializing in hip pain treatment in Delhi suggest that early post-operative exercises can significantly add to the success rate of hip replacement surgery.

Here is a list of few exercises, as suggested by one of the leading and renowned surgeons from the best hip replacement surgery clinic in India, which can help speed up your recovery after total hip replacement surgery.

  • Half Squats– Most of you must be knowing how to perform squats but for those who don’t, you need to stand in front of a table or a chair or something solid which you can hold onto for support. Slightly bend your knees inwards such that you are in a half-sitting position. Maintain the position for some time and then repeat it. Perform 8 to 10 reps of the exercise at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Stair Climbing– Hold onto the railing for support with one hand and place a crutch in another. Start climbing slowly and carefully. While going up, make sure that the un-operated leg goes up first and the operated leg follows. However, while going down, the operated leg should come down first followed by the un-operated one.
  • Ankle Pumps– Lie down on a flat surface on your back and extend your leg straight. Slowly move your ankle back and forth while tightening your calf muscles. You can even move your ankle in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction if possible. Repeat as many times as possible. You can perform this exercise anytime and anywhere.
  • Static Quad Exercise– The exercise is to be performed in the same way as ankle pumps, the only difference being that instead of moving your ankle back and forth you just have to pull it towards you while keeping your leg straight and pushing your knee against the floor. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat. Perform 10 to 12 reps at least two times a day.
  • Hip Abduction– Lie down on a bed on your back and keep your legs straight. Raise the operated leg to make an angle of 30 degrees with the ground and gently move your leg sideways. Repeat 10 to 12 times.
  • Hip Flexion– Stand straight and hold on to a support. Gently bend the knee up towards your chest to make an angle of 90 degrees or less. Hold the position for some time and lower your leg. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.

Heel Raises– You will require a chair, table or any other means of support to hold onto. Slowly lift up your heels from the ground such that you are standing on your toes. Hold the position and repeat at least 10 times.

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