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Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Breakthrough In The Medical World

Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Breakthrough In The Medical World

Published on November 18, 2019 By admin

The minimally invasive procedure has made surgeries convenient and comfortable both for the doctor and the patient. It has made a lot of things possible which were earlier not due to the complications involved in the traditional or conventional approach. The procedure requires proper training and specialized equipment so that the surgeons can safely replace hip and knee joints through skin incisions as small as 3-4 inches. Minimal invasive surgery in India is quite popular and is performed in almost all the top-notch hospitals, making the treatment convenient and pain-free. Being a unique of its kind, it facilitates the procedure to be executed with utmost accuracy and precision.

What makes minimally invasive a unique procedure?

Due to the use of technologically advanced equipment, the doctors have to make a small incision and through which these equipment are inserted. At the end of this equipment a small camera is attached giving an enlarged pictures of the inside which as a result guide the surgeons throughout the procedure. Orthopaedics and Joint Surgery in Delhi is performed in almost all the top hospitals, which offer a specialised centre for treatment managed by the expert team of doctors.

7 benefits of minimally invasive surgery that give it brownie points: 

  1. Less pain
  2. Less blood loss
  3. Less tissue damage
  4. Faster recovery
  5. Less hospital stay
  6. Minimum complications
  7. Accuracy and precision

The above benefits tend to maximize when combined with pain control techniques and physical therapy programs. Also, advances in regional anaesthesia allows a patient to undergo a pain-free surgery without many of the risks of a general anaesthetic.

Who is the right candidate?

The procedure can be opted by a vast majority of patients as it does not have any specific eligibility criteria. Though, it is true that not all can opt for minimally invasive surgery but the procedure does not limit anyone on the basis of weight or age. The size of the incision is, to some degree, based on the size of the implants that are placed at the time of surgery. Generally, obese patients may require larger incisions for exposure of the joint that is being replaced, but the same care is taken to minimize the disruption of soft tissue structures at the joint level.

What to expect from minimally invasive surgery?

The patient can keep high expectations from the procedure as it generally gives the desired results due to the use of highly technological equipment which delivers you the best with utmost accuracy and precision. Multiple studies have documented less blood loss at the time of surgery, less pain and pain medication usage, shorter hospital stays, faster return to walking with a cane or no assist device, and faster return to work. The procedure has proved to be a boon especially for older adults who have risks involved undergoing a surgery with a traditional approach. At the same time, it is important to follow the recovery practices properly as this will decide the long term success of your treatment. Top doctors like Dr Vivek Mittal consider the recovery period as the most crucial one and advises to follow some of the precautionary measures for a long term success or say for a permanent cure.

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